UK Speed Cameras for;

For Touchscreen RNS 510 & RNS 810 Headunits

VW Golf Mk 5

VW Golf Mk 6

Passat (B6)

Scirocco III

Polo 6R

Files via Email - £9

SD Card - £11 (incl.P&P)

Cameras updated 
April 2021

This is a UK speed camera POIs (points of interest) database that can be added to the earlier versions of VW cars. It allows you to select Gatsos, SPECS, red light and mobile cameras.

Works with all official VW software versions and most of the aftermarket releases including 3970, 5238 & 5269, however it does not work with software version 6276 (as this contains a bug relating to custom POIs).
Please check the images to make sure you have the correct head unit as I can only guarantee that it will work on head units that have an SD card slot and and the unit supports personal POIs (which allows you to add speed cameras) - please check this before purchase by going into setup>navigation and see if you have the option for personal POI's. 
Please check your software version before purchase ...

Note - these headunits do not support any audio alerts - you will just see the speed camera icons. Also, it is not compatible with RNS310 or RNS315 headunits 

You have 2 options;

1) Updated files are emailed (zip file) to you, you use your own SD card.
2) Speed Cam files on SD card posted via Royal Mail.

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