VW Models Supported;

For all Discover Media MIB2 head units (not MIB1)

Golf Mk 7 (2016-2020) 

Tiguan (2017-2020) 

T-Roc (2017-2020) 

T-Cross (2018-2020) 

Passat (2016-2020) 

Transporter (2017-2020) 

Caddy (2017-2020) 

Amrok (2017-2020)

Files via Email - £9

New SD card - £11 (incl.P&P)

Cameras updated 
April 2021

This is a UK speed camera POIs (points of interest) database that can be added to the later versions of VW cars. It allows you to select Gatsos, SPECS, red light and mobile cameras - the head unit will bleep when you get close to one of the cameras.

You can select std alerts (alerts from all camera types) or a special custom alert version  which will only alert on GATSO or Truvelo cameras.

Please check the images to make sure you have the correct headunit as I can only guarantee that it will work on VW models that have twin SD cards slots and one of them has the sat nav SD card in it. 
If you have the the Discover Pro version with the SSD hard drive then you need this version.
Also, please check that you have the option to add custom POIs which means you can add speed cameras by going into nav>settings>manage memory and see if you have the option to update POI's.

You have 2 purchase options;

11) Speed Cam files are emailed to you, you use your own SD card.
2) Speed Cam files on SD card posted via Royal Mail.

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