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Mercedes Speed Cameras

This is a UK speed camera database for Mercedes head units, updated with the latest 2024 updates and includes GATSOs, Redlight, Mobile and SPECS cameras & audible alerts.

Compatible Mercedes Headunits:
Comand Online NTG - these units have an SD card slot to read the speed cameras.
Mercedes Comand Online NTG 4.5* (models from 03/2011 to 2014)
Mercedes Comand Online NTG 4.7 (models from 03/2011 to 2014)
Mercedes Comand Online NTG 5.0 (models from 2015 to 2016)
Mercedes Comand Online NTG 5.1 (models from 2015 to 2016)
Mercedes Comand Online NTG 5.4 (models from 2015 to 2016)
Mercedes Comand Online NTG 5.5 (models from 2015 to 2016) 
* Alerts only available for 2012-on models.
Speed camera installation is not possible on these NTG 5.X units;
A-Class W177 from May 2018
C-Class W205 from July 2018
E-Class W213 / S213 / C238 / A238 from 2016
G-Class W463 from May 2018
Mercedes MBUX 6/7 - these units have a USB socket to read the speed cameras.
Later MBUX models are fitted with USB C sockets which may need an adapter for my std USB memory sticks (see related products).
Mercedes MBUX devices require latest software versions apilevel/ntg6/080 or apilevel/ntg6/081 -  Open the menu Settings > System > System information.
Speed cameras alerts are only available with MBUX version FUP1 or the latest FUP3. The FUP2 version does not allow audible alerts, however your unit can be upgraded to FUP3 at your Mercedes Dealership.
Mercedes Garmin Map Pilot Audio 20 Multimedia system -
This unit has a Garmin branded SD card with the maps on it - you will need to copy the speed camera file onto your Garmin Nav SD Card so will need a laptop/PC with an SD card reader.

Note - the SD Card/USB stick needs to remain plugged in for the NTG/MBUX speed cameras. Also, certain Mercedes models (mainly the later ones incl MBUX units) do not allow the selection of the speed camera icon, it defaults to a heart, which is classed as a favourite!
Please note that as this is software, there are no returns on this item.

Delivery Options:
1) Postal - Speed Cam files are sent on an SD card/USB Memory stick via Royal Mail - full instructions included.
2) Email - Speed cam files are emailed to you in zip file format, you use your own SD card/USB Stick - full instructions included.

For the avoidance of any doubt, this is not Merc sat nav map software - this is just a speed camera add-on.
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Price: £9.97
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