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Pre-Sales Questions

Alert Options

The standard alert option is for an audible alert on all camera types. I have previously offered custom alerts (for just Gatso/Truvelo cameras) on VW, Skoda and Seat models, however this was causing too much confusion so I have removed it for the time being.

If you would like Custom alerts then please add this as a note at the top of the checkout page.

The main benefit of being a Member of speedcams.co.uk is that you will get access to discounted speed camera updates and also discounts on our other products.

How do I become a Member?
Just purchase one of our products on this website, or on our ebay site and you will be automatically registered (ebay registrations are added at the end of each Month). If you can log on OK but don't see any discounted prices, please drop me a note using the contact form.

You should also consider signing up to our Email Subscription Tool to receive an email when new releases are announced.

There are a number of different versions of the MIB units fitted to VW models - this guide will help you identify which one you have.

MIB 1 (approx 2013-2014) - note the thick glossy border around the screen

MIB 2 (approx 2015-2016) - couple of variants fitted to different VW models

MIB 2.5 (approx 2017-2021) - uses the same nav card as the MIB2 units

MIB 2 Discover Professional Unit (approx 2014-2016) - 8" screen with no trim gap at bottom

MIB 2.5 Discover Professional Unit (approx 2017-2021) - no physical control knobs

Non MIB unit fitted to limited 2013-2014 VW models (maps are built-in and not easily updated) - nav is accessed via holding media button for 3 seconds

This only applies to email deliveries.

For speed cameras you will need an SD card / USB stick of at least 32Mb (mega-bit not giga-bit!) and ideally smaller than 4Gb as some of the head units have a maximum size limitation.

The software should be unzipped using WinZip or an equivalent program using a Windows Laptop/PC.

If you are using a Mac then you will need to delete the hidden files that are added - see this guide for more information.

Unfortunately, JDM cars cannot be updated with UK map data. The unit in the glovebox needs to be replaced with a UK unit and the car reprogrammed for the UK.

Unfortunately, VW have removed the option to add speed cameras in their MIB3 units - there is no workaround unless they decide to add the option at  alter date via a main dealer software update.

You can identify the MIB3 unit as they no longer have any SD card slots and there is a smaller USB0C socket in the car.

Common Questions

We are a small family run business based in the UK, with the ambition to deliver the most up to date UK speed camera database, with proper after-sales support.

We take the latest paid database and improve it by adding our own speed camera information that we get via our missing speed camera tool, which is used for reporting missing or inaccurate speed cameras.

Yes, there are free speed camera databases on the internet, but take note of the date of the database and the number of cameras they offer, as one of them is dated 2016! We publish our speed camera numbers for each type of camera.

We have been established since 2018 and have over 5000 satisfied Customers - this is achieved by taking pride in our after sales service, as we are not just focused on sales.

Go Shopping!

Postal delivery for all speed cameras & radio logos supplied on an SD card is £2.75 - this includes the cost of the SD card, postage and printing costs and are sent out by Royal Mail second class standard letter.

Postal delivery for all speed cams supplied on a USB memory stick is £3.25 - this includes the cost of the USB stick, postage and printing costs and are sent out by Royal Mail second class large letter.

Delivery charges for map card updates and also genuine map cards is £3.25 - these are sent via a Royal Mail 48 Hours Tracked service and includes insurance and delivery confirmation.

Multiple purchases will combine the delivery costs based on the weight and value of the items.

There are no postal charges for all products delivered by email.

All of the camera types below have been incorporated into our speed camera database, which are consolidated into the 4 camera types - GATSOs, SPECs, Mobile and Red Light.

1.    Digital Gatso speed cameras 
These cameras are the younger brother to the non-digital Gatso, that has been seen on the road for nearly 30 years. Both the old and new digital version have a distinct yellow colour, and are easy to spot by vehicles on the road. The newest version has large rear facing cameras, made to not dazzle the driver if they are speeding and the camera has to flash. This type of camera can be found in crowded areas, to ensure the speed limit is not exceeded. 

2.    Truveli Combi speed cameras
These types of cameras are forward facing, however they don’t flash, they just measure the speed that vehicles are driving at. The technology in this camera uses infrared technology and sensors to calculate your speed between three painted lines on the road. 

3.    Truveli D-Cam speed cameras
These cameras are installed for both rear and forward facing.

4.    HADECS3 speed cameras
The Highway Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System has the most advanced technology, using radar technology. 

5.    SPECS average speed cameras
These cameras use a combination of video and Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR) technology in order to track motorists between at least two cameras on motorways and dual carriageways.

6.    VECTOR average speed cameras
If you see one of these cameras, that is painted yellow, then be aware that it can catch you over the speed limit. However, if you spot Grey VECTOR cameras , perhaps dotted around city centres, then these cannot catch you for speeding. These are ANPR cameras used for enforcement of bus lanes, traffic lights, yellow-box junctions and the Congestion Zone. They're also used at tolls and for parking management. 

7.    Siemens SafeZone average speed cameras
These cameras are used to capture number plate registrations, and calculate the average speed between two cameras. A speeding ticket is then issued if you are driving over the average speed limit. 

8.    SpeedSpike average speed cameras
These cameras look for motorists that are speeding in both directions and can be found in the central reservation of roads. The cameras are positioned together but facing away from each other. 

9.    Peek speed cameras 
You will find these cameras positioned as rear-facing, and will flash your vehicle if you are caught speeding.  

10.    SpeedCurb speed cameras
These cameras are able to take three digital photos as proof of the law being broken. The first two photos are wide-angled to show the vehicle in full, while the third photo is able to zoom in onto the vehicle's number plate. These cameras are the tallest-mounted units currently being deployed in the UK.

11.    Traffic light cameras 
These cameras are triggered by radar technology or ground loops in the road at junctions, and are able to take photographs of vehicles that skip red lights.

12.    REDFLEX speed cameras
Ever thought that speed cameras can catch multiple speeding at one time? These cameras do exactly that, so make sure that your employees are aware they can be caught speeding no matter which direction they are travelling in.   

13.    Mobile speed cameras
These cameras are usually hidden inside a vehicle, manned by an individual, and are commonly seen on the side of the road, perhaps on motorways. 

14.    DS2 mobile speed cameras
Similar to number 13, DS2 mobile speed cameras are mobile, however these are able to be left unattended and unmanned on the roads, to capture speeders unexpectedly. 

15.    Long ranger mobile speed cameras
These types of speed camera are the longest distance speed enforcer, and are able to capture speeding drivers from one kilometre away. As well as capturing speed, it is able to catch other offences such as drivers not wearing seat belts, using a phone behind the wheel tailgaters and people that stay in the middle-lane.

We currently only accept Paypal via the website software, however I am able to accept bank transfer if you contact me.

My ebay auctions accept other forms of payment.

Please use our Email Subscription Tool to get emailed whenever there is an updated speed camera database or official map update (VW/Seat/Skoda only) released.

As the items I sell are software (which can be copied) I do not offer returns. This is not to say that I won't help you with any issues you may have, but I do ask that you read the product descriptions carefully as not all head units are capable of showing speed cameras. This is particularly important with Audi where the units may look almost the same but the software behind the scenes is completely different.

I only supply map updates for VW, Seat and Skoda models with MIB head units at the moment, so please don't ask if I have the latest maps for other manufacturers - thanks.

After Sales Questions

There is an annoying bug on quite a number of the VW std (Discover Media) units which causes either a) all your selected POI's, incl. the speed cameras to disappear or b) shows more POI's than you have selected - here is a quick fix for this;

Mk7 units - at the bottom of the map display, select view, then toggle display POI off, then back on and the cameras will come back.

Mk7.5 units - toggle the map display between the virtual dash and the main screen and the speed cameras will come back.

Mac users will need to delete the hidden system files that Macs add to removeable media as the majority of head units do not like these files.

Here is n app that has been recommended to me by one of my Customers - https://apps.apple.com/de/app/cleanmydrive-2/id523620159?mt=12

All posted items are sent via Royal Mail and will usually be dispatched the next working day (but often the same day if ordered in the morning). The majority of items are delivered within 2 working days, but as per Royal Mail T&C's, please allow up to 10 working days before contacting me.

Please note that I send all email orders out via a personal email at the moment (you will not receive a link to a digital download) - these are sent within 24 hours, but usually much quicker than this. Please ensure you add your email address on the last step of the checkout.

Please check your spam folder as they can sometimes end up in there. If you still haven't received them after 24 hours, please send me a message.

Please complete the details on the Missing Camera Page to advise me of any missing cameras (or even cameras that have been removed or relocated).


Some of the products have a link to an installation help guide - it is located at the bottom of the product page. If one is not available for your vehicle model and you are still having issues,  then please use the contact form to send me a message.

Note that most sound issues are related to the nav volume not being turned up sufficiently and/or muted - this is the nav volume not the normal head unit volume.

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