Updating your existing Speed Cams

If updating your existing SD card, insert the card into your laptop SD card reader slot and delete all the files on it.
Now un-zip the file from the email so that you have a folder called Personal POI and a file called metainfo2.txt in the root of the SD card.
Eject the SD card from your laptop safely (right click on the card and select eject).

Upgrade Instructions for VW, Seat & Skoda models 

1. Insert the SD card into the free SD slot in the glove box - keep the SatNav SD card in the other slot (non-pro models).
2. Press Sat Nav on your unit, then go to Settings, ‘Manage Memory’ and then Delete POI (this will only delete any custom POIs, not the factory ones).
3. Once deleted press ‘Add/Update POI’. Then press ‘update’ and the system will copy the files from the SD card and add them to the Sat Nav.
4. Finally, go to the ‘Maps’ button in settings and the scroll down through the available POIs to select the POIs you have just downloaded. Make sure they are ticked. Once complete, you can remove the SD card.


Upgrade Instructions for Audi models 

1. Insert the SD card into the Audi MMI (glove compartment).
2. Variant 1 (early MMI models): Select "System update" in the MMI settings in the menu ("MENU" > "Setup MMI").
    Variant 2 (later MMI models): Go to MENU, select "Audi Connect", then "Software Update", "Start map update now".
    Variant 3 (Audi Q5/Q7): Go to MENU, select "Navigation", turn the dial to the left and select "Special destinations".
3. Scroll to "My Audi special destinations" and click the dial to the right, "Import My Audi special destinations" and select the Speed Cam SD card.
4. The update will be detected and the new POI's and speed camera data will be installed. You can now remove the SD card.


No Sound?

The first thing to note is that volume of the alert is controlled by the setting of your navigation volume so make sure this is turned up or not on mute. The sound should work with the factory settings but if they have been altered then please check the following;

VW/Audi/Seat - 

Audi - 

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